Laminator incapcell

Laminator incapcell®

Since February 28, 2012, we sell our innovative Technology of lamination, cooling and handling under the registered trademark incapcell®.

Our incapcell® laminators can be used universally in the fields of the Solar– and Glass Industry. Amongst others, our technique is applicable for thin-film production and as well, for the manufacturing of BIPV modules (Building Integrated PV modules). The incapcell® laminator allows the manufacturing of various photovoltaic modules and compound glasses through an autoclave-free lamination process. All common compound films (like EVA, PVB, TPU) can be processed for the encapsulation.

Our incapcell®- Laminators are used for labroratories and as well, for production sites. Floor space and construction dimensions are variable and can be adapted to the customer requirements. In addition our laminators offer some unique and patented options.

Our laminators are designed for 24/7 operation. High production quality and -safety ensure optimal availability.

Upon request, our incapcell® laminators can be expanded to a three-step-process with our cooling press incapcool and our heating press incapheat.

To raise your production quantity, just extend your single-opening incapcell® laminator to a multi-opening laminator. Up to three incapcell® laminators can be positioned one above the other, no further floor space is required. The laminators work autonomously and serve as redundant production capacities.