Technologies of our lamination systems

Heating plates

Our heating plates are heated electrically and comprise a high temperature uniformity of approx. ±1K. The heating has a multi-layer structure for a precise and quick temperature response. Optionally, the heating system can be equipped with an oil circulation system or a cooling device. The heating plate is forced to be perfectly flat and level.

Temperature sensors outside the vacuum

The temperature sensors can can be replaced easily even if the laminator is hot. The sensors can be individually positioned to match the heating plate behavior with process requirements. With their special design, the heating plates ensure 100% temperature coupling with the sensor.

No connections under vacuum

Our laminators don’t comprise any connections inside the vacuum chamber. With this, process-related chemical stresses and stresses caused by vacuum are excluded, which leads to higher steadyness and production safety.

Vacuum system

In our laminators, low-maintenance and oil free glanded vacuum pumps are installed.

Mechanical lid locking system

The lid is moved by self-locking screw drives that avoid the disadvantages of hydraulic systems (e.g. oil changes, leakages, subsidence).

Compact construction

The incapcell®-laminators are of compact and space saving design. They can be disassembled to smallest packing units and can therefore be transported in standard containers.

Minimal chamber volume

Using the unique slim-line-construction, our laminators comprise minimal chamber volume which leads to shorter evacuation- and process time. Furthermore, smaller and energy efficient vacuum pumps can be used. The hight of the chamber can be easily adjusted by changing the sealing frame. This can be done by the operator on-site at any time.

Heating plates of nearly all sizes

Thanks to our innovative technology, heating plates in nearly all dimensions can be realised. The heating power can be designed according to the special requirements. This allows the highest possible flexibility in the construction of our laminators.

Low-maintenance technics

Our laminators are of low-maintenance. All installed components are freely accessible and within easy reach for the operator at any time.

Upgrade possibilites of incapcell® laminators

Acording to the slogan “Think big, start small” you can add additional features (e.g. INVERSE or 3in1 process) to an existing incapcell®-laminator. It is possible to upgrade a single stack laminator to a high-efficient multi-daylight laminator line. You can stack up to 3 incapcell®-laminators on each other to increase the throughput. Each level is separately and self sufficient operated.

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