The patented INVERSE-Process applies the heating from above the laminate, not through the backing material. This allows shorter laminating times (reduction up to 42%). Both, laminating thin, flexible modules and as well materials with thick or insulating backing materials, is possible. Premature melting of the encapsulating materials during the evacuation is excluded. No pin stroke is required.


In the patented “3in1”-process, the laminating is carried out just like in the INVERSE-process. Furthermore, the upper membrane allows tempering of the pressed and fixated laminating materials according to the temperature of the lower heating-/ cooling plate.

Approved autoclave free SentryGlas® and PVB Process

SM InnoTech offers an approved autoclave free SentryGlas® und PVB process for the laminators incapcell® and profilam.

Tool-free laminating, 3D-lamination/-forming

In the incapcell®-laminator, three-dimensional mouldings can be processed without additional tools, due to their specific product features.

Membrane-free lamination

For special products or applications, the incapcell®-laminators can be operated membrane-free.

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